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Welcome to the Validator information center.

Learn about Validator, view online manuals, get the latest downloads, and more. 

Validator is a tools package used to automatically validate digital objects, such as image files, PDF files, XML data (METS, ALTO) and other derivatives. Validation is the process of checking if something satisfies certain criteria. Examples would include checking if a statement is true (valid), or if data is compliant with a certain standard. For digital objects there are many variations for output data.

The validation is typically performed in two steps: Automated validation and Manual validation.

The Automated Validation is checking all files for specific parameters and integrity and ensures all data is of consistent quality.
The Manual Validation is performed by operators using the Validator user interface, checking samples for image quality, meta data, text quality or other parameters that cannot be validated by a machine (subjective criteria).

The Validator software provides reports and statistics of the results.

The Validator's benefits:

  • Independent quality assurance tool
  • Detailed reporting as XML, HTML, PDF, custom format
  • Integrates customizable automated tests
  • Integrates customizable selection for manual QA data set
  • Specific tools for manual QA (combined views, color picker, measurement tools, histograms, etc.)
  • Multithread testing for higher performance

The Validator is developed as a QA tool for digitization services in order to:

  • Reduce QA costs

  • Avoid human errors from manual QA process

  • Merge different tools we use for QA

  • Ensure 100% accuracy for measurable properties

  • Create reports to be submitted with deliveries

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