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Please find below a wrap up of the past weeks. Lots of exciting things have happened or are happening at the moment.

Best wishes from Hamburg,
Your CCS-team
Hong Kong uses docWorks Pro
Hong Kong Central Library, the largest library in Hong Kong, chose docWorks Pro for their inhouse conversion efforts.
Welcome to the docWorks family!
WSL upgrades to docWorks Pro
Washington State Library has upgraded their docWorks Edition to Professional level.
KBNL uses Validator software
Following a trial project, the Royal Library of the Netherlands now officially uses CCS's Validator software to automatically verify scanned items and their metadata files. Validator can be easily added to docWorks.
UCD buys docWorks
University College Dublin, Ireland's largest university and one of Europe’s leading research-intensive universities, has chosen docWorks Starter as their in-house conversion software.
Content Experience 
UoF buys MagicBox®
University of Florida bought a MagicBox® which will be installed in their in-house "exhibition world" in April.
New MagicTouch-Version
Just recently, we released an updated version of our MagicTouch software, which is the software running on the MagicBox®. Besides a more intuitive Control Center, the update provides the possibility to integrate more materials and more options to customize the user interface. MagicTouch is also available as a low-cost standalone solution, i.e. if you already have touch screens at your organisation and just need a software to flexibly arrange content across your devices.
Kiosk for MagicTouch
We now also offer a matching Kiosk system for the MagicTouch software. It comes in many colors and screen sizes to meet your specific needs. Please get in touch with Claus Gravenhorst to learn more.
President of Serbia impressed by MagicBox®
Tomislav Nikolic, President of Serbia, recently visited the University Belgrade Library and was utterly impressed by its MagicBox®.
The visit was widely covered in the Serbian news and television.
MagicBox® Tech at EuroShop
International trade fair construction company Winkels, working for high-caliber clients such as BMW, Dornbracht and Osram, used our MagicBox® technology and MagicTouch software on their own booth at EuroShop 2017 in Dusseldorf. The booth was awarded 1st prize in category "Best show—Small booth".
Deutsche Kinemathek uses newsWorks
We welcome the Deutsche Kinemathek— Museum for film and TV to our newsWorks user group. Deutsche Kinemathek is a major German film archive, based in Berlin.
CCS now EASY Archive Partner
Easy Archive is a digital archival and retrieval system—simple, but powerful. You get one centralized and accessible repository of your documents and files. Each record has its own metadata, tags and security level. The system can be customized according to your specific work requirements and needs.
NIMMS uses newsWorks
NIMMS is a media monitoring service provider in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who has been providing media intelligence services locally and globally since 1998. Mile fáilte to the newsWorks family!

Please note our fair dates for 2017:
  • 07–10 May 2017 – American Alliance of Museums, St. Louis
  • 23–26 June 2017 – ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, Chicago
  • 05–07 July 2017 – LIBER Annual Conference, Patras
  • 16–18 August 2017 – IFLA News Media Section, Dresden
  • 19–25 August 2017 – IFLA World Library and Information Congress, Breslau
  • 21–24 October 2017 – ACTC Association of Science Technology Centers, San Jose
  • 04–06 October 2017 – FIBEP Kongress, Berlin
  • 22–24 November 2017 – Exponatec, Köln

We hope to see you at one of these events. In case you wish to arrange for a meeting please get in touch with Claus Gravenhorst or George Schlukbier.

Limited support during Easter holidays
Due to Easter holidays in Germany, we will have very limited support available from April 14 to April 17. In urgent cases, you can reach us for docWorks by phone at +49 40 227130-94 or by email at or for newsWorks by phone at +49 40 227130-96 or by email at

Created: 4/4/2017 11:23

dW header


Please find below a wrap up of the third quarter of 2016. Lots of exciting things have happened or are happening at the moment.
Your docWorks team

National National Library of Medicine extends to docWorks Pro Plus
American National Library of Medicine, the largest medical library worldwide, has extended its docWorks licence to a Pro Plus edition.


Serbia runs docWorks Basic
We welcome two new docWorks users from Serbia, that is the University of Belgrade and the National Library of Serbia. Dobrodosli to the docWorks family!



Creekside Digital runs docWorks Basic
Creekside Digital is an American service provider, specialized on the digitization of micro films, newspapers, books and photographs. They ordered a docWorks Basic edition. Welcome to the docWorks User Group!



Guinness buys MagicBox®
Legendary beer brand Guinness has ordered a MagicBox®. Following the previous purchase of a MagicBox® by IRISH DISTILLERS, this means that two of the most popular Irish brands, GUINNESS and JAMESON whiskey, use the MagicBox® as an innovative communication tool.



Leica Camera buys MagicBox®
Another legendary brand opts for the MagicBox®. Cultic manufacturer LEICA has ordered a MagicBox® for their in-house museum WORLD OF LEICA. The MagicBox® is prominently installed at the connection of museum to the entrance area of the Leica headquarter. Sketchbooks and limited cameras are combined with background information, videos and 3D models.



IMA International buys MagicBox® technology
Renowned shopfitter IMA International has bought a set of our MagicBox® technology. The technology will be custom-fitted in a showcase installation.



CCS at Frankfurt Book Fair
We will be exhibiting at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair from October 19 until 23 (Hall 4.2, Booth N66). On display will be the MagicBox® including the new user interface — and we will of course happily answer all your docWorks-related questions.



CCS at „Museums meeting“
We will also be attending on special request this year’s congress „Museums meeting“ in the German Historical Museum in Berlin. Date is October 19. The theme for this year’s gathering is „Museum communication“ and of course the MagicBox® had to be invited.



Reduced support on October 3
Please note that we have limited support on Monday, 3rd October due to a German public holiday. Please direct any non-urgent issues to before or after that date.

Created: 9/28/2016 14:02


Please find below the fifth edition of our retrospect on 40 years of CCS.
Have fun reading it.

Daniel Lanz

5) Taking care

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
- Mahatma Ghandi
Taking care

The conversion of large print holdings into digital collections can be very challenging, both in labor and logistics: You need well-trained staff, lots of hardware and smooth project management. Not every institution is keen to build this up in-house; some prefer to outsource the work to specialized service providers. 

It was not long after the release of our conversion software docWorks that we were asked if we could also provide a complementary service to scan print publications, run the files through docWorks and post-correct the digital output. The first project we agreed to take over in 2004 was very basic: checking the page numbers and cropping double pages from a scanning project for the National Library of France. This was quickly followed by a bigger project for the German National Library of Science and Technology — and then an even bigger one as partner of the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP), a U.S. initiative to make 20 million newspaper pages digitally available. For us, all of these different project environments provided valuable insights and helped us improve docWorks software based on real user experience.

The project that finally put our Digitization Services on the map was a Microsoft-funded scanning and conversion of 25 million book pages for the British Library. For this project we developed the first Remote Quality Assurance (RQA) system, which allowed the post-correction unit to be locally independent from the scanning facility. For the British Library project this meant that scanning was done in-house at the British Library, while specialists checking the conversion results were able to work from Bucharest, Romania. The RQA system was subsequently refined further for peak performance. For the processing of 9 million newspaper pages for the Royal Library of the Netherlands, the quality assurance work was split across three service providers (CCS Romania, Digital Divide Data, and Planman Technologies) in various parts of the world.

So far we have successfully managed and completed an array of interesting projects for diverse clients such as Magnum Photos, Leica, Axel Springer and a total of 12 national libraries. In total, we have processed more than 50 million pages — and surely more will follow.



Created: 8/5/2016 10:12

dW header

Please find below a wrap up of the second quarter of 2016. Lots of exciting things have happened or are happening at the moment.
Your docWorks team

National Library of Slovakia extends maintenance
We are glad to announce that the National Library of Slovakia has extended the maintenance contract for their docWorks Enterprise installation.
 National Library of Slovakia

New docWorks (and newsWorks) client: The Minnesota Historical Society
The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) is a long-standing participant in the U.S.-American NDNP project, with the goal of digitizing all historical newspapers of the US. We welcome the MNHS to our docWorks (and newsWorks) family.

 Minnesota Historical Society

docWorks 6.9 supports the latest ALTO release 3.1
The very latest release of ALTO comes with two changes which might be relevant for your digitization projects:

  1. Added support for using different shapes for the elements String, TextLine, all PageSpaceType elements and on all BlockType elements.
  2. The description of the attribute ROTATION is changed to the rotation of the contents of a block and not the block itself. The attribute is inherited by all sub elements.

Read more about the use of polygon shapes:


Digitization services project completion at KBNL
We successfully completed the 380,000 page digitization project „Memory of the Netherlands“ for the Royal Library of the Netherlands (KBNL).


MagicBox® in Lancaster
Lancaster University, ranked as one of the Top10 universities in the UK, purchased a MagicBox®. The picture shows the MagicBox® upon delivery, before its final installment in the exhibition space. The next-generation MagicBox® features anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint front glass panels by renowned German glass manufacturer SCHOTT as well as tinted side glass panels.

MagicBox in Lancaster 

The University of Florida uses MagicBox® technology
The University of Florida has ordered MagicBox® technology — consisting of the transparent touch monitor and our MagicBox® data manager and MagicTouch software — and will integrate the technology in their existing exhibition architecture.


iPAD apps updated for iOS 9.3 – 20,000 downloads of SF 1906
We recently updated our „virtual exhibitions“ apps Titanic New York Press, Titanic South England Press and San Francisco 1906 Earthquake for iOS 9.3. In June we had a record-breaking 20,000 downloads of the SF 1906 app, which was created in cooperation with the University of California, Riverside.

 CCS Apps

docWorks at ALA conference in Orlando
We also exhibited at this year’s ALA Annual Conference in Orlando and were able to welcome several docWorks users from the U.S. as well as meeting many new interesting people. As always, the MagicBox®, which we also had on the booth, stole the show, but that’s alright.

 ALA conference

Sneak preview
As you might have heard, we have been working on a stunning new development over the past weeks: a free-standing transparent touch screen, similar in appearance to the MagicBox, but without a display cabinet and the need of extra background lighting. Visitors will be able to view the information on the screen, while also having full sight of the room behind the screen. The new product will seamlessly merge information with the surrounding exhibition architecture, displaying videos, 3D renderings and book flips literally „in space“ and thus creating completely new possibilities for visitor information and interaction. It also offers new possibilities of using the magic of transparent screens with light-sensitive materials. We are very excited and can’t wait to share more information with you soon.

Take care,
Your docWorks Team
Created: 7/15/2016 11:28


Please find below the fourth edition of our retrospect on 40 years of CCS.
Have fun reading it.

Daniel Lanz

4) METAe

“Because that’s what Hermione does,” said Ron [to Harry], shrugging. “When in doubt, go to the library.”
- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

In the year 2000, 14 international institutions, including the National Library of France and the Royal Library of Norway, met in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, located in the heart of the North Tyrolean Alps. The mission of this EU-funded project was clear: to develop a technology that would make the digitization of books and newspapers faster, safer and more effective.

The project was named “METAe,” short for metadata engine. Development went on until 2003, when a software was presented that would change the future of digital archives. It featured two revolutionary innovations:

  1. The software was capable of understanding and identifying the structure and layout of printed materials.
  2. It was capable of storing this information in a new XML output standard: METS/ALTO

METS stands for “Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard.” It contained all structural information of each publication, such as the classification of title, chapters and appendix. ALTO (Analyzed Layout and Text Object), on the other hand, could store the content of every page: text, images and their layout. For the first time, METS and ALTO together provided all information of a publication, from its overall buildup to the specific location of each text and layout component.

The use of the new METAe software dramatically improved the digitization of printed material. The high degree of automation made the conversion process faster, and the detail of information in the METS/ALTO output guaranteed richer and more effective search results. Today, METS/ALTO is the industry standard for digitization projects, maintained by the Library of Congress and used for digitization projects all over the world.

CCS was one of the 14 METAe project members in 2000, mostly due to the expertise in analysis and classification of print documents that it had gained from the news-clipping software newsWorks. It was CCS that led development of the METAe software and gave it the name by which it is still known today: docWorks.

The first institutions to install docWorks, besides the METAe project members, were the Royal Library of Denmark and Harvard University. Today, more than 60 organizations worldwide use docWorks software to digitize their print archives.



Created: 5/31/2016 10:49
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